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Sling Meet - Feeding in a Sling

29th March 2019

Today we hosted our first sling meet at All Slings Bright and Beautiful HQ. A wonderful group of lovely mums and babies from all around London attended, we shared food, chatted babies and slings, and of course did our demonstration on feeding your baby in a sling. 

After the demonstration we did a few quick fit-checks on slings some of the mums already own, and also hired a few slings to mums keen on trying something else. 

If you would like to learn more about feeding in a sling, future sling meets, or to join our sling meet Whatsapp group, please Contact Us

The Wrap Show Giveaway!

10th April 2019

We've teamed up with the wonderful Melissa from The Wrap Show to give away two tickets for The Wrap Show in London on the 1st June. All you need to do to be in the running to win is to book a consultation during the month of April. Contact Us to book yours now.

We also have a special code for all clients for 50% off the price of tickets. Get in touch if you would like this.

Winter Babywearing Sling Meet

24th January 2020

We had a fantastic sling meet with the theme ‘Winter Babywearing.’ We had a lovely group of mums and babies in attendance, with ages ranging from 12 weeks to toddlers. Here is a quick recap of some of the things we discussed:

Dressing Baby in Winter:


Padded snowsuits and coats aren’t suitable to dress a small baby in when wearing them in a sling as it affects the fit and ability to tighten the sling appropriately. What we suggest is dressing your baby in layers, or if at all possible, dressing baby in their normal indoor clothes, and then putting your coat on over both of you. This way, if baby falls asleep in the sling and you then go inside somewhere warm, you also won’t wake them up trying to take their coat or extra layers off.


Normal baby hats are fine when babywearing. If back carrying, one you can do up under baby’s chin (that they can’t take off themselves) might be useful so that it doesn’t get dropped when you can’t see it.

Mittens/ Gloves:

Normal mittens/ gloves are fine to use. The only consideration might be again, making sure they can’t be flung off without you noticing if baby is on your back.

Socks/ Bootees/ Leg Warmers:

There are many babywearing specific products out there for keeping little feet warm in slings. You could double up on socks, use adult socks to keep baby’s legs warm too, use leg warmers, or bootees that do up around the ankle to prevent them from falling off. There are many brands that seasoned babywearers love, that advertise specifically as babywearing bootees, but many high street brands also do bootees that would be perfectly suitable.

Dressing Yourself:

Slings and carriers over the top of a coat aren’t likely to be a great fit for you or for baby. At the meet up we all shared ways of covering you both up without buying any extra bits, such as just zipping your normal coat up as far as it would go and then creating an extra bit of cover for the exposed parts of baby with a blanket, using a bigger coat, poncho, cardigans with extra length that can wrap around baby too, threading the carrier straps into a children’s coat to create a raincover, and blankets.

We also looked at some products that have been designed specifically for the purpose of keeping baby warm in a sling:

Babywearing Covers:

There are many brands of these. The idea is that it is a warm cover that attaches to either the caregiver or the carrier to create a layer over the baby’s body. We had a play with one brand, called a Bundlebean, which is very versatile, and one mum showed us her fab find from Uniqlo, which attaches to the carrier.

Coat Panels:

These are essentially a strip of fabric that attach to your existing coat to extend it enough to go around both of you. The one we demonstrated was by the brand ‘ZipUsIn,’ who make them in many different styles of zip, meaning that hopefully you can find one that matches the zip on your existing coat. Just in case you can’t, they do also do a universal conversion panel, which attaches to the zip on your coat with clips, and then the zip on that matches the zip on the panel, so there really is a way to make this work for any coat.

Babywearing Hoodies:

Great for inbetween weather, these are just hoodies with a bit of extra space, and perhaps a second head hole or other to facilitate going over baby and you in the carrier. We demonstrated and some tried on the Boba hoodie, and a Mamalila hoodie.

Babywearing Coats:

These come in many forms, and an internet search will produce results ranging hugely in price, but they are essentially coats that have more space, to allow them to go around both you and baby in the sling. Some allow the coat to be used as a normal coat too, so that there is longevity in the product (there is a removable panel) and some allow back carrying by opening up at the back to insert the panel into. We purchased an extra panel for one of ours too so it can now be used for tandem carries. Often they are also great for maternity coats when a standard coat won’t do up anymore. We had a few options at the meet to have a look at, a Mamalila trench coat and wool coat, and a cheaper option from Vertbaudet.