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Babywearing Consultation

A bespoke babywearing consultation with the full benefit of our large collection of slings. The Consultant will find out exactly what the needs of the parents and child(ren) are, and tailor sling solutions to fit. 

This option is suitable at any point in your babywearing journey, whether you are expecting your first baby and would like to learn about how to carry your newborn, would like to try slings/ find another option for an older baby/ toddler/ pre-schooler, would like to make the sling you already own work better for you, have health conditions (you or the baby) and need some help with babywearing with these special considerations, or would like to learn some new skills along your babywearing journey, such as back carrying or woven wrapping. 

We will use specially designed weighted dolls, until you are happy enough with the techniques demonstrated to try with your own baby. The location benefits from large mirrors to assist you in learning how the slings work from all angles. 

You are welcome to attend this as a couple, but we would ask that not more than two adults attend as we often find that each parent has different sling preferences, and therefore having more than two adults can confuse things. 

You are very welcome to hire the slings you enjoyed after the consultation in order to give them a trial for a longer period. 

A one hour consultation at All Slings Bright and Beautiful's HQ is £40, and extra time is charged at £15 per half hour, or part thereof. 

To book, please Contact Us.